GWB Hot Sauce is a Veteran owned small business specializing in gourmet hot sauces, located in Clarksburg WV. If you have searched for the perfect combination of heat with flavor and can never find both in one sauce, your search is over. GWB Hot Sauce combines the perfect amount of heat while maintaining a delicious flavor that is sure to enhance all your future food experiences. You’ll be hooked from your first taste and will eventually only have GWB Hot Sauce’s in your refrigerator or pantry!

You’re about to introduce yourself to the best hot sauce experience you’ve ever encountered. My personal favorite is BACON FIRE with PINEAPPLE HEAT a close second!


If you’re a VETERAN, enter the discount code “VETERAN” at check-out and receive 20% off your purchase! Thank you for your service!

“Thank you for your interest and more importantly, I appreciate you spending your hard earned money with GWB Hot Sauce!”

Get ya some!

- Greg